Pasadena Art and Design Classes

We are NOT just another art class. We are advanced level design classes. Art is an idea. Art is arbitrary. Design is a measurable skill. We amplify these skills in students who will be the innovators of tomorrow.

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Founder Adam Arutyunyan attended traditional “Art” classes for 10 years from the age of 8-18 and was the top performer in his class, winning every art competition he entered. When he applied to Art Center College of Design, his application was quickly denied. The difference between Art and Design become quite clear. Ten years of traditional art classes did not teach design principles such as perspective, lighting, and hierarchy. Design Academy Center is based on principles taught in some of the worlds most prestigious design universities.


We offer college level art and design classes. Two hour in person classes offered twice per week elevate you or your child’s design skills with measurable results. Whether the goal is to build a strong portfolio for college admission or to enhance design ability, our classes produce irreplaceable results. Learn the tips and tricks that we learned in some of the worlds most prestigious design colleges.

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Design Academy Center founder Adam Arutyunyan is an Alumnus of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with more than ten years of experience designing for companies such as Petco, Sephora, and General Motors.