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Sketching Principles

Class Summary

In this course students will learn the fundamentals of communicating your ideas through design with an emphasis on sketching. Sketching is the single most effective way of exploring ideas. Students will fully understand concepts such as perspective, shading, lighting, color harmony, and a variety of other factors that contribute to powerful sketching techniques.


This class is open to nearly all skill levels. Students will be taught proven sketching techniques that communicate functionality, dimensionality, and purpose of their unique designs. Powerful and correct sketching ability is the single most important factor in creating a talented designer.

Class Effect

By successfully communicating your concepts, you will have an advantage when presenting ideas to decision makers. Often times, you are not present to explain your concepts and describe your project to those who are viewing your portfolio. Whether you are applying for admission into a college or applying for a job, your portfolio will stand out by communicating your ideas clearly and correctly. Proper perspective can be the difference between a uniquely gorgeous form and a complex arbitrary shape that is difficult to understand.


Class Schedule: Monday and Friday @ 4pm-6pm.
Class Pricing: $60/class



Meet Preston Sánchez, he is a transportation designer from ArtCenter College of Design and is one of our new instructors. He is known for the design work he has produced during his time at Art Center College of Design.

His natural curiosity and instinctive 3D nature has allowed him to explore multiple aspects of creative expression. His strongest asset is his ability to sketch products from concepts to renderings. He is optimistic for the future and looks forward to meeting you.

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