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Art & Design


Advanced Level Techniques

 Students will learn high level design strategy only taught in top design colleges.


Highly Trained Instructors

 Only the highest qualified professionals are chosen to teach our classes.


In Person Design Classes

In a world of virtual classes, we offer the most effective style of teaching. In person group courses.


Beautiful Design​ Studio

20 student classrooms with stunning parent lounges and state of the art equipment.

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Art and Design
Classes Los Angeles

There is a major difference between Art classes and Design classes.


Years of Art classes will teach students to perfectly replicate still life, master shading techniques, and understand how to apply color. While these skills are beneficial to all creative people, there is a lack of fundamental skillsets being taught which is required in the real world.


Design classes will teach students concepts such as perspective, lighting, harmony, contrast, form development, etc… Most importantly, Design courses teach students to think outside of the box to solve problems. Above all else, designers are problem solvers.


We take pride in teaching proper design courses that lead students into career paths to change the world.

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Design Classes Los Angeles

Our Pasadena location is equipped with high quality adjustable chairs and modern tables. Each class hosts up to 20 students at a time. Classes are split into two portions; Review and Concept. 


The Review portion consists of the instructor going over each students work from the previous week. This critical one-on-one time is priceless and will shape the students future work. The Concept portion consists of all students learning a new concept from the instructor. This new concept will be applied by students and reviewed during the next class.


This is the formula that is used in the top design colleges across the world and produces the worlds most qualified designers.

Pasadena Art Classes

Our in-person design classes are not only convenient for students, they are also convenient for parents.

We have created a beautiful waiting room/lounge for anybody who is waiting for students to complete a class. This room offers modern furniture and plenty of amenities such as ultra high speed wifi internet, phone chargers, free bottled water, coffee machine with free coffee, and more.

Filled with inspirational artwork and designed to relax the mind, this room is meant to host parents of students for as long as they need. A private bathroom and cameras in every community room ensure the security of our students.